You can find many free colouring pages online by using your favourite search engine and typing in “Bicycle Coloring Page” or print out my Decorate the Bicycle Colouring Page.

THe Unicycle looks very DIFFICULT to ride!

Do you live near a bike park?  If so, grab your helmets (and maybe some knee pads) and check it out!  Even if you don't want to try the obstacles it is always fun to watch the talent around these places.


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Who’s there?
Rhoda who?
Rhoda bike around the block.

Check here for the answer keys:    KEY Easy Bicycle Word Search

Check what local bicycle evnts are happening in your nieghbourhood or area.  Some police departments hold Bike Days where they review safety and offer fun games.

Perhaps your city is hosting a biking event!  Our community hosted an international bike tour and we enjoyed cheering the cyclists on!

Maybe your city is hosting a triathalon. You could watch the biking portion.

If you live near a playground that has an open area for riding bikes you can come up with all sorts of safe bicycling games.  Don’t do these games on open roads or near cars.  You could set up rocks or pylons and ride around them as an obstacle course.  You could time your kids to see how quickly they can reach a certain spot, or if that seems too dangerous you could try the opposite and have a slow race…who can ride the slowest while keeping their balance. 



Explore further....

If you have a bike rack for your vehicle your family can travel further away and explore bike paths and trails in other parts of your province, state or country!

Bicycle Safety


Q:  Why do bicycles fall down?

A:  Because they are two tired.

A family bike ride to a local ice cream shop is a perfect weekend outing on a warm day!