Seasonal Themes

March/April - Easter

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Every 2 Years we have the Olympics Games:

2020 in Tokyo

2022 in Beijing

2024 Paris

2028 L.A

October - Fire Prevention Month

July 1st - Canada Day

October 31st

- Halloween

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October - Thanksgivings Day (Canada)

November - Thanksgiving Day (U.S.A.)

Other Events Throughout the year!

February 6th - Waitangi Day (N.Z.)

February 14th - Valentine`s Day

January 27th - Family Literacy Day (Canada); November 1st (USA)

December 25th - Christmas Day

November 1st and 2nd-

Day of the Dead

The next Astronomy Days:

September 26, 2020

May 15, 2021

October 9, 2021

March 17th - St. Patrick's Day

April 22nd - Earth Day

December 31st - New Year's Eve

January 26th - Australia Day

February is Dental Health Month!

October - Waste Reduction Week

July 4th - IndependenceDay (U.S.A.)

May - National Bike Safety Month

September 19th - International Talk Like A Pirate Day!


April 1st - April Fools' Day!