Here’s how you can make your own Thank You Kit.

Materials: A large binder or a box, various stickers, coloured markers, blank cards from craft store or coloured construction paper, child safe scissors, old cards cut up, Scrapbook paper or wrapping paper, glue stick, coloured paper pieces.

Additional Useful Materials: A 'Thank You' Stamp (found at a craft store) and ink pad.

Gather your supplies and put them all in one box or in a binder with folders and a pencil case to hold supplies.  Now your child will have all that he/she needs to make an easy Thank You Card!

Thank You Notes/

​     Card Making 

a card created with scrap paper and a hand written "Thank you"

You can make a similar kit to help your kids create homemade birthday cards as well.  Just add Birthday stickers and stamps and pieces of old birthday cards and wrapping paper. 

a simple homemade card using stickers

I’m pretty old fashioned, especially when it comes to politeness and traditions of gratitude.  I want my children to be grateful and to express thanks to those who love them and are generous toward them. That is why we make "Thank You" cards every year after Christmas.  Some years the cards are more elaborate than others but love is in every single one of them. I know there will come a time when we no longer make a craft but use purchased cards, but until then we will continue to come up with new ways to show our gratitude.

Our Birthday Card Making Kit in a binder

cards decorated with stamps, stickers and scrap paper

Our Thank You Card Making Kit in a box

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I had more "Thank You" Card crafts to add to this page (like the ones pictured on the right) but had a computer malfunction and lost my files.  I promise to get back to this soon, but I have so many other ideas to work on this year....

PS: Don't forget to back up

your files.

Simple Thank You Cards made from the Thank You Kit:

Your child can decorate blank cards in any creative way they wish.

Idea 1: Decorate only with stickers (easy for littlest hands).

Idea 2: Use Stamps and Ink and perhaps glue on strips of coloured paper for more decoration.

Idea 3: Glue bits of scrapbook paper and coloured paper.  Add the words Thank You, either written or via stamp!

The Easy Way

If making a craft card/art sounds like too much work for you and your family, don’t worry about it.  Instead, use store bought cards.  You can usually purchase boxes of cards for reasonable prices.  Perhaps you can make a request to Santa to deliver some Thank You cards in your child’s stocking next year!

A Thank You Card Making Kit

I answered a request from Family Fun Magazine a few years back about how I get my children excited about writing Thank You Cards.  The magazine liked my idea so much they published it!

Here’s the original article found in the February 2009 edition of Family Fun: Thank You Notes Made Fun