Hi, my name is Carrie and I have two boys, who are now 18 and 14, who inspire me daily.  I am a former Junior/Senior High English and Drama teacher and am currently a writer, artist, and the creator of Family Theme Days!  I am passionate about Family Literacy and have used that passion, plus my Education Degree, to build this website.  It is my hope that by providing these sets of Themed Activities many families will embrace the joys of making literacy a part of every day life because learning together is fun!

About Us


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How Family Theme Days came to be...

Family Theme Days

During the summer of 2006, when my eldest son was 4 ½ years old, I needed some activities for him to do that could entertain him while I attended his newborn brother. That's when I created what we first called "Summer Theme Days". 

My son enjoyed those Theme Days so much that he continued to talk about them throughout the following year and he loved to thumb through his scrapbook where we glued the crafts and other activities from those fun summer days. Two summers later my son was still requesting Summer Theme Days. So I developed some new plans and embellished some old plans, this time including my youngest son.  By the time that summer was over my eldest was sad to think that our Theme Days were over so he excitedly came up with the idea of continuing Theme Days throughout the year which I dubbed "Family Theme Days".  The teacher in me went wild with planning. 

It occurred to us that these might be something that other families would enjoy especially given the importance of Family Literacy. So we made this site to encourage other families to explore the world with their children.

Tired of looking at craft books that had elaborate projects with materials not normally on hand and requiring steps my children couldn’t possibly figure out, I have planned these Family Theme Day activities to be simple. I hope that even parents and care providers who do not consider themselves to be artistic and crafty will be able to work with their children on these projects.  My crafts are deliberately easy to assemble using simple supplies so that the end result is the enjoyment of spending time together and learning together. I also work to make these Theme Days cost effective so that families can do them without spending a lot of money.

I hope you enjoy these Theme Days as much as we do.