Perform any necessary preparations that are required prior to your Theme Day.

Family Theme Days

The Theme Day Planner is a Printable Worksheet designed to allow you to make notes and compile a list of things to do.  This will keep you organized for your Theme Day.

Step 5:

Choose a Theme that your children will want to explore. You can encourage their input but looking at all our available topics together: All Themes.  Choose Themes based on interest, time of year (seasonal and holidays), or what your child is learning in school.

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Seasonal Themes



Create a Theme Day or Week or even a Month with your family by using this simple plan:

Select the activities you wish to do for your

chosen Theme.

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Step 4:

Set and date on the calendar and give the gift of time to your chilDren!


Choose a theme!

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If you can't set aside an entire day or weekend then just make time for the individual activities, culminating at the end in one completed Theme Day!

Read Themed books at bedtime.  Give the worksheets and printables to your children in the car on the way to soccer practice or dance class.  Prepare a Themed dish for dinner or lunch together.  Go on a Family Field trip to suppliment your learning.  Work on a craft on a rainy day or on a Friday night as you watch a Theme related show or movie.

Many of the activities involve preparation such as going to the library and/or reserving books; buying craft supplies; buying ingredients for recipes etc..

Gather your craft supplies in a cardboard box. Ensure you've got the ingredients in your fridge.  Print out the worksheets, templates or colouring pages you need.

Browse the ideas given on this website for your selected Theme Day and write down the activities you wish to do on your printed Family Theme Day Planner.

You don't need to do all of them, just ones that will interest your children or your needs etc.  Try choosing one from each category: Reading & Writing, Crafts, Foods, Learning Activities, More Fun!  Even if your child doesn't like arts and crafts or cooking, he/she may like the challenge of trying something different even if it is a simpler activity.  If you have more than one child, encourage them to work together on a project, or let let them choose separate activities and then come together to share.

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