Cracker and Pretzel Bike: 

For this snack give your child some round crackers of various sizes and pretzel sticks and twists and nuts or raisins and have them create a bike to eat!


Most of these snacks involve playing with your food to create food art!  Enjoy!


Wheel shaped pasta would be an appropriate dinner for this Theme Day.  We couldn't find any, alas, so there is no photo!

Bike Shaped Sandwich:

To make our Bike shapes sandwich we made tiny circle sandwiches (using a juice cup to cut out the circles form the bread and then placed them on our plates as wheels.  We used cheese, pickles and olives to create the parts of the bike.


Ingredients:2 eggs, celery sticks, carrot coin

Step 1: Heat a small frying pan on medium to low head and add some olive oil.
Step 2: Carefully crack two eggs in it, side by side.  When the eggs start to turn white spoon some of the hot oil over the eggs to help them cook evenly (turn it down if the oil splatters).

Step 3: Use a slotted spoon to remove the eggs trying to keep them together and slide them on a plate.
Step 4: This is a good step for the kids - have them decorate their eggs using celery sticks and carrot coins to create bicycles to eat!

Step 5: Enjoy!

Bike Cupcakes: 

I always have a few frozen un-iced cupcakes in the freezer for Theme Day fun!  For our Bike theme day we made quick icing by adding milk to powdered sugar and then added green food colouring to some in a separate bowl.  Then we used mini Oreo cookies for the wheels and piped with black icing (bought at the store) for the details of the bike frame.  For fun we added little star shaped candies for the centre of the bikes!

You could go on a family bike ride to the PARK FOR A PICNIC!




Photo coming soon! Check back later.


Bicycle Safety

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Bike Shaped Salad: 

Use any circular veggies your kids will eat (cucumber, tomatoes, large carrots) to create the wheels (or use apple slices for those kids that prefer fruit) and then encourage your kids to create the rest of the bike with other slices of veggies or fruit.  We used cucumber slices, celery crescents, and carrot sticks.