Bicycling with your kids is a great way to exercise together, but families should be also aware of safety issues and this Theme Day is the perfect way to teach or review bike safety.  The most important rule would have to be: wear a helmet!  This is so vital as it can help prevent head injury by 85% and brain injury by 88% (Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine, 2000 – as found on whose link no longer seems to work).  This applies to children and parents...all should wear a helmet, after all, parents/guardians' heads are just as important as kids!

It is also a good idea to review with your children traffic rules and ways to keep safe on a bike.  Do not send your kids out to ride their bikes if you have not talked about bike safety!

Print out the Family Theme Day Planner and decide which activities you’d like to do and in what order.

We love to hop on our bikes and hit the trails for a family bike ride!  Each spring I can hardly wait for the snow to melt so we can take our bicycles out again.  Bikes are a great physical activities for kids and having a Bicycles Theme Day is the perfect way to either teach new riders the safety rules or refresh seasoned kids.  May is National Bike Month but any sunny day is a great day to try this Theme Day.

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For a song about bikes try “Bicycle Built for Two” check here for lyrics:



Bicycle Safety