Some of the most famous movies are about Detectives.  If your audience is old enough try a classic like Dashiell Hammet's The Maltese Falcon.

Perhaps the oldest of games, hide and seek is a fun “Spy” game that can be played inside or outside your house.

Each player takes turns hiding an object.  The other player seeks the object with the only clues being the words: “You’re cold” (for being far away from the object), “You’re hot” (for being very close to the object) and  “You’re getting warmer”  (for getting closer to the object). Etc.

Use your footprint cards from the CRAFTS page.  Make a path of footprints or hide them around the house.  Have the footprints lead to a simple prize!

Make a Movie!

Some Apps allow you to use your mobile device to make movies.  If you don't have a device then use the video function on your digital camera and edit using a free software such as Windows Movie Maker (for Windows users) or iMovie (for Mac).  Check out this adventure of two men on the trail for the Perfect S'more =>


Party Fun!

Movies for Older Kids:
· Any of the Spy Kids movies

· Any episode or movie featuring Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc. Gang.​

We played “Pin the magnifying glass on the detective” at my son’s Spy Themed Birthday Party!

Word Puzzles

Spies and Detectives Fun Page

Q:  If a skeleton were a detective what would his name be?
A:  Sherlock Bones.

Q: What would get have if Santa were a detective?
A: Santa Clues



List of targets: a flag, an address with the number 9 in it, someone wearing a hat, someone with a moustache, a dog, a cat, someone in a dress, something purple, a fire hydrant, a blue car, a motorcycle...


 This works best with a large group.  Sit in a circle and have one person start by whispering a secret (silly) message into the next person’s ear (no repeating).  Whatever the next person heard he/she will pass it onto someone sitting beside him/her and so on until it reaches the last person who will announce what he/she thinks the secret message was!

Print out a Spies and Detectives Word Search!

Extended Activites

Check out history's most famous fictional spy - james bond - as he escorts the queen to the london olympic Games. 

Print out my 
Secret Agent ID Worksheet and help your child fill in the blanks (Agent Number, Agency Name, Spy Name, Special skills, Special gadgets, plus a self-portrait and a fingerprint).   When your child has finished filling in all the spots cut it out and glue onto both sides of an index card.

Search through your child’s DVD/ video collection (or visit your local library before hand or the Video Store) to find your child’s favourite shows with spies or detectives in them. here are some ideas for the little ones:

​· Backyardigans : 

   (i)  Secret Mission 

   (ii) International Super Spy.

· Veggie Tales: Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler, Big Idea, 2005

· Blue’s Room: Shape Detectives, Viacom International Inc., 2007

· Any episode of Blues Clues would work for this Theme Day, too, as Blue searches for clues.

· The Disney movie:  The Great Mouse Detective

Spy Walk: Give each child a pencil and print out my Spy Walk Checklists and cut out one of the lists.  As you go for a walk as a family each child is responsible for finding the things on the list and checking them off trying to conceal the notebook while doing so.  

If your child has some spy gear toys or a magnifying glass this Theme Day is the perfect time to take them out and play together.

Play the board game Clue or Clue Jr. for some detective fun.

Fill a tray or desk with small objects  and let your child stare at it memorizing the objects for 1 minute only.  Cover the tray with a cloth and then see how many objects your child can remember. NOTE: This makes a great party game as well.

Play I SPY:
Test your observation skills with the most renowned spy game.  One person looks around for something interesting and says “I Spy with my little eye...”  The other players try to guess what the person is seeing.

You can make up your own Check List!  After all it's just about getting outside and learning!