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Spies and Detectives

You can find many free colouring pages online by using your favourite search engine and typing in “Detective Coloring Page” or print out my “I Spy” Colouring Page.

What is the difference between a spy and a detective?  Would you make a good spy or detective? Why?  What are the qualities of a good detective?​

Do you have any teen readers in your house?  They might enjoy a classic Sherlock Holmes novel like a Study In scarlet! 


Picture Books

Scrapbook Activities

Encourage literacy by keeping a journal.  Write out one or more of questions in your Family Theme Day Scrapbook or on a piece of paper to glue in your scrapbook.  Our Little Thoughtful Guy has some ideas to get you started.

 Choose the level of your child:

¨     Toddler – discuss the answer(s) out loud first and have your child draw a picture of the answer

¨     Preschooler/Kindergartener – discuss the answer(s) out loud first and write the answer down for him/her leaving one word for him/her to write out himself/herself with your help. You could also encourage him/her to draw a picture as well.

¨     Early Grade School – have your child either write out the answer himself/herself (encourage phonetic spelling) without your help, or offer to help with spelling each word out loud one word at a time.

¨     Grade School – have your child write a sentence or two on his/her own and then read over and discuss the response.  (You decide whether to correct the spelling or not)

¨     Older Child – have your child write a longer response (paragraph).

¨     As A Challenge – instead of a question ask your older child to write a story or a poem about a spy or detective