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What should we cook next?


Traditional pesto is made with basil but you can substitute that with parsley, kale, swiss chard...and obviously carrot tops.

Traditional pesto is made with pine nuts but you can use pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds...or a mix.

Traditional pesto has Parmesan cheese but you can substitute that with Nutritional Yeast or remove it altogether and add more lemon juice to make it zesty.


We have a family tradition of Pizza and a movie on "Fun Friday." I have taught my sons how to make my whole wheat dough and now I will teach YOU!




This is pretty easy but does require time which we all have now!  The key is to make sure your water is warm enough on day 1. (If you have a thermometer 105-110F)

Start around 3:30pm with your kids, let the dough sit and then 90 minutes before lunch the next day finish it up.  Serve up with soup. It's delicious!

Kids In The Kitchen

Vanilla Cake:

Eggs aren't easy to find now a days but if you have a few to spare life your spirits with this Vanilla Cake.

Check here frequently as this is being built live and will keep changing!

Social Distancing With Kids

Every Family Theme Day includes a "Foods" section so there are lots of recipe ideas scattered throughout this website. I will highlight some new and old ideas here!

Perhaps shelves and produce bins are looking sparse at your grocer.  Pick a new fruit or veg and experiment as a family.  For Fruit ideas check out my Top Food Challenge Examples.