BOOKMARK IDEA FOUR - Monster Bookmarks

I just had to include these adorable bookmarks that my son made as one of the crafts in hisSummer Jar!

For great instructions on how to make these page corner bookmarks check here:

My son's drawing of Ricky Ricotta, by Dav Pilkey

BOOKMARK IDEA TWO - Paint Splatter Bookmark

 Materials: Thick paper (preferably water colour paper to make it long lasting), a palate of water colours, paint brush, a cup of water, (Optional: a board to tape the paper to using masking tape), child safe scissors.
Step 1: (Optional) Tape the large sheet of thick paper to a board using masking tape along the edges to frame it.
Step 2: Dip paint brush in water and then swirl in first chosen colour, getting the colour nice and liquidy.  Hover paint brush over the paper and tap gently to splatter the colour.
Step 3: Rinse brush in water and dab on a cloth or paper towel then choose another colour and repeat until satisfied.
Step 4: Allow the paint to dry.
Step 5: Once dry cut into strips to the size you want to make multiple bookmarks.  Great for every family member and to give away as gifts!


Materials: Clean plastic water bottle with the top cut off OR clean empty tin can (be sure there are no sharp edges) OR plastic cup OR empty clean jar OR empty clean coffee tin, colored paper, child-safe scissors, white glue, things to decorate the cup with (stickers, googly eyes, sequins, markers, clay, felt cut outs, etc.).

 Step 1: Take your container (we used a clean empty soup can) and measure the width on a piece of coloured paper (your child’s choice).  Cut out a strip of coloured paper to fit around the cup (larger cans require more paper).
Step 2: Have your child apply white glue to the can or paper and wrap the paper around. 
Step 3: Let the glue dry before proceeding.
Step 4: Let your child decorate the can/cup using whatever craft materials you have on hand (my eldest used clay for the rim, felt cut outs and stickers/ my youngest used felt cut outs and glitter glue).
Step 5: Let the decorations dry (if using glue) and then use it to hold pens and pencils.

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Encourage your child to draw a picture of his/her favourite book character.

Family Literacy Day

BOOKMARK IDEA THREE - Craft Stick Bookmark

 Materials: Craft sticks or recycled Popsicle sticks, permanent markers.

Step 1: This is an easy one!  Just have your child decorate the craft stick to his/her liking.  You could suggest shapes or patterns, or show examples of Zentangles for a challenge.

BOOKMARK IDEA ONE - Traditional Bookmark

 Materials: thick construction paper (any colour), hole punch, yarn, child-safe scissors, markers, stickers.
Step 1: Cut the construction paper into a rectangle for the bookmark.
Step 2: Punch a hole at the top to thread the tassel after decorating.
Step 3: have your child decorate both sides of the paper in any way (drawing with makers or crayons, using stickers etc.).
Step 4: Cut a piece of yarn a longer than you want the tassel to be. 
Step 5: Cut smaller pieces of yarn to be used at the end of the tassel (cut about four pieces). 
Step 6: Fold each piece in half and ground together.  Tie the longer piece of yearn around the folds to keep them together.
Step 7: Tie the other end of the longer piece of yarn through the hole punched at the top of the bookmark.