Try searching online for more Canada 

colouring pages.


See if there are any animals from Canada at your local zoo.

​Go to a lacrosse or hockey game.

If you live in Canada or are visiting on Canada Day attend local festivals, parades or fireworks to celebrate.



Step 1: (Parents)Trim a craft stick so that you can re-position the small cut end to be the end of a hockey stick.

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Print out a Canada Word Search for some extended fun!

Step 2: Glue the two pieces together to form a hockey stick.  Let dry.

Step 3: Decorate with coloured ptape, paper or markers.  Wrap floss around the small end and apply a small amount of glue to keep it in place.  Let it dry.

Step 4: Now you can play mini hockey using a button as a puck! 


Print out my Oh, Canada Colouring Page

 to colour two of the most recognized

symbols of Canada!  Or print out a copy of my Maple Leaf Template to decorate.


Host your own Canada Day picnic or Barbeque for this theme day.

Lacrosse was declared the National Game of Canada in 1859.  However, in 1994 Parliament passed the Canada's National Sport Act which declared lacrosse to be "Canada's National Summer Sport" and hockey as the national winter sport.  You could try to play these sports as a family (field hockey would work if it's summer).   Or make your own mini Hockey sticks to play a simpler version.  Check out how to do that below:

Photo: T. Lax


Q:  How can you tell that Canadians smart?
A:  They get a lot of Ehs on their tests!
Q: What is a vampire's favourite airline?
A: Scare Canada

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Toque who?
Toque you a long time to answer the door.


Materials: thin craft sticks or recycled Popsicle sticks, floss, coloured tape or markers or coloured paper and white glue, sharp scissors (for parental use only).


Search through your child’s DVD/ video collection (or visit your local library beforehand) to find your child’s favourite shows to see if you have any that take place in Canada or are about Canada.

A famous Canadian story/movie to consider based on the book by Lucy Maud Montgomery is:

· Anne of Green Gables

Here are some nonfiction DVDs we found at the library:

· Are We There Yet? World Adventure: Episode #4—Canada, McNabb Connolly, 2007—two kids explore three different parts of Canada (Churchill to see the Polar Bears, Ottawa for Canada Day, and Algonquin Park).

· The History of Canada, Schlessinger Media, 2004– this is a 23 minute program (there are also 2 others in the series: The Culture of Canada and The geography of Canada) .

· Time Trackers: History Volume 1, tvo kids, 2005—This features four short segments on 4 historical Canadians (Sir John A. MacDonald, Joseph Tyrell, Laura Secord and Tom Longboat). 2006

Photo: G. Kirkland

Photo: G. Kirkland