Go on a hunt around the house or outside as you go for a walk, searching for things that either start with each letter of the alphabet or the actual letter itself (on signs etc.).  Print out a copy of my Alphabet List  Worksheet and use a pen to write what you and your child spot.


Review the entire alphabet by using a set of flash cards (found at book stores, educational stores, even craft stores) or make your own by writing each letter on an individual index card or colouring and gluing the letters from my Cut Out Alphabet Card Worksheets.

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Print out a copy of one of my three worksheets:

Letters: Aa to Ii

Letters Jj to Rr

Letters Ss to Zz

Encourage your child to trace the letters and practice writing the alphabet.  The last space in the row is there for your child to try to write the letter on his/her own without tracing.  This can be hard work for a preschooler so do not do the entire alphabet in one day.  Instead, attempt to do a few letters a day.

Learning Activities

Repetition helps with rote learning, but it can also be boring for some kids. Mix up the medium used by choosing some of these kinesthetic/ tactile activities to give your child’s learning experiences some variety.


Using play dough or clay help your child create each letter.


Fill a pie plate with sand, sugar or salt and teach your child how to trace the letters in the sand.  When you are finished tracing dump the sand in a re-sealable bag to use on another day.


If you’ve done all my individual alphabet theme days you can just review the letters my referring to the completed chart or you can do it again as a review.

Materials: a copy of my Alphabet Chart and the Cut Out Alphabet Cards, markers or crayons, child-safe scissors, glue-stick, face cloth for sticky fingers.

Step 1: Put the three pages of the Alphabet Chart on your fridge with magnets or pin it to a bulletin board or tape it to a wall.

Step 2: Have your child colour (optional) the Cut-out Alphabet Cards.

Step 3: Help your child cut the Alphabet cards out.

Step 4: Have your child apply glue to the back of the Alphabet cards and glue them on the Alphabet Chart (or you can have your child use tape).

Step 5: Review what each letter it is and what sound each letter makes by pointing to the chart.


Use sidewalk chalk to encourage your child to write his/her letters.