Weather might seem like an odd thing to have a Theme Day about but it does play an important part of everyday life. In fact, my kids ask me every morning to check the weather so they can choose what clothes to wear.  Looking at the weather is also another way of exploring the seasons and Science minded kids might especially like to investigate weather through various experiments.  So whatever the weather, there is sure to be some element of this Theme Day to suit your family!

Print out the
Family Theme Day Planner and decide which activities you’d like to do and in what order.


Warning! Remember, you know your children best!

If your child is particularly afraid of storms you could use this as a way to help him/her understand the weather better and perhaps conquer his/her fears.  I have included a Family Brainstorm Worksheet about storm safety which might be useful for older children and their fears.  One of my friends taught her child how to recognize the types of clouds and that seemed to help him.  Obviously, if your child is particularly sensitive to this topic and is very agitated by any discussion of thunder and lightning or tornados you could make your focus on “nicer” weather and deal specifically with sunshine and perhaps snow or light rains.

There are children’s songs and rhymes about the weather, too!


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There are many songs about weather and especially about rain.  Here are a few: