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Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving always bring to mind bright orange pumpkins for me, so I thought we’d explore that big orange winter squash.  This would be a great Theme Day to have just before you carve jack-o-lanterns as a family or before you attend a pumpkin festival or visit a pumpkin patch!



One of the interesting things I learned while we had this Theme Day is that pumpkin is a fruit, not a vegetable, and is actually a berry!  (You learn something new every day!) For more information about pumpkins check here:

Print out the Family Theme Day Planner and decide which activities you’d like to do and in what order.



For some preschool rhymes (and some that can be sung) check out this list:

 “Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater” is a common nursery rhyme.  Here’s a link to the poem:

I couldn’t think of a song with pumpkins in it for older kids.  If you know one drop us a line at or on Facebook.