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Every wonder why Dalmatians are popular firehouse dogs?  Check here to find out: Dalmatians history.

This site has some simple online games and activities: Fire Safety for Kids 


Using your Fire Safety Family Brainstorm Worksheet from above have your child choose one idea to draw a poster for.  Help your child write out a message on the poster if he/she needs the assistance.  Some ideas to consider could include: Never Play With Matches, Stop Drop and Roll, Test Smoke Detectors, Fall and Crawl, Don’t Hide Go Outside, Put Out Your Camp Fire, Get Low and Go, 9-11 For a Fire Emergency.

Thanks to Adam from North Dakota for these safety links: Hey Mom and Dad, Do You Know Basic Life Support? and Are You a Lifesaver?

Thanks to Ethan from Atlanta, Georgia for suggesting this great website for kids, parents and educators to learn about fire safety: Firefacts.org, and also for this link about Hazards in the Home. 

As well, thanks to Brenda from Washington State, whose after school program found this webpage with “A Parents Guide to First Aid”

Thank you to Sara, aged 11, from California (who wants to be a nurse) for recommending this First Aid Resource Guide: http://onlinenursing.regiscollege.edu/first-aid-resource-guide/.

Thank you to former Volunteer fire fighter Tom  for providing us with this link of fire safety tips: https://www.clevelandhomeshd.com/fire-safety-tips.php

Thanks to Alexa (aged 10) from El Paso County, Colorado for recommending this webpage with excellent ideas on Home Improvements to Prevent Kitchen Fires and thank you Veronika for emailing it to us. 


Thank you to Reese and Keri from Houston, Texas who recommended this link with Home Fire Safety Guides and Educational resources:

Special thanks to Carrie who used our Floor Plan printable for her new babysitter. She wanted to pass on this link which includes which emergency numbers to have on hand for babysitters: https://www.apartmentguide.com/blog/emergency-numbers-to-have/

Thank you to Bri from Vermont, USA, for recommending this site for more Fire Safety Basics.  


Print out my Fire Safety: Family Brainstorm Worksheet and as a family discuss fire prevention writing the ideas on the worksheet.

October is Fire Safety Month but any time of year is a good time to review Fire Safety and Prevention.  

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), smoke detectors should be tested at least once a month and batteries should be replaced at least twice a year. A good way to help remember to do this is to change your batteries when you change your clocks for Daylight Saving Time

— when you spring forward or fall back.

Fire Safety

Thank you to Claire, who used this Theme Day to help her apply for a Summer Camp counselor position.  She recommends this Guide to First Aid.

A big thank you to 12-year old aspiring EMT and present-day scout Peyton for suggesting this link to a guide to first aid safety for kids.

Best of luck on earning your first aid badge!


Print out my Fire Safety: Escape Plan Worksheet (printing out a page for each level of your house if necessary) and together draw a floor plan of your house/apartment.  Be sure to mark where doors and windows are as well as fire detectors.  Then discuss and draw arrows representing two ways out of each room in your home.   Lastly, fill in the space at the bottom that asks where your outside meeting place is.  Afterwards you can go to each room and practice your escape plan.

A big thank you to Paul from the UK for sending us this link to Preventing Fires at Home: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/generalDisplay.html?id=i%2Ffire-prevention-guide

A big thank you to Lisa from Grandville, Michigan for sending in so many great links!      Thanks for caring and sharing!

Open Campfire Safety Rules

Burn Prevention & Fire Safety Tips 

Burns: First Aid for pets

Safety at Halloween!

Thank you, Louisa for suggesting this helpful link to a Child Safety Resource Guide.

Thank you to Sidney for recommending this link to Fire Prevention Tips.


Walk around your home with your child and test to see that each smoke detector is working properly.  Change the batteries if you need to as well.

Thank you to Karen from Chapel Hill, NC for recommending this article on Keeping Your Family Safe.


It's always a good idea to have a list of emergency numbers on hand. Use this Printable to fill in phone numbers to leave with your babysitter next time you go out!  Emergency Numbers For Babysitters Printable

Here are some links more suited for the adults in your family, from Lisa from Grandville, Michigan:

How to prepare for a Wildfire

Survive the Unthinkable if Wildfire Threatens Your Home

Home Fire Safety for Older Adults

Fireplace and Chimney Problems

This is an excellent site with lots to explore including info on fire trucks and Dalmatians: Sparky.org 

For info on Wildfire Prevention check out this website: Smokeybear.com


It's a good idea to install fire extinguishers throughout your house.  We put one in our kitchen pantry and in our garage.

I’ve had a lot of emails from great people from all over who have recommended many super sites for our Fire Safety Theme Day.

I love hearing from everyone! Thank you so much!