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Q: Where does a boat go when it is sick.

A: To the dock-tor!



Go on a boat of some sort! 

If you live near a community lake where you can rent paddle boats, canoes or kayaks this Theme Day is the perfect time to venture onto the water and try them!  If you live near water and can go on a ferry that would be an easy field trip for this day.


Take one of your boat crafts outside and float them in the gutter or in a kiddie pool.  CAUTION: Please attend your children if you are doing this.  Watch them if they are sailing their boats near the side of the road to keep them safe from cars and keep close if they are sailing on pools as any amount of water that can cover a child’s head can drown them.



Make bath time fun by adding little boat toys,  or use some of the boat crafts you made for this theme day in the bath!

Visit the harbour

If you are lucky enough to live near water you can go on a field trip to the harbour to look at the various boats!


Q: Why are boats afraid of sea monsters?

A: Because they like to eat fish and ships.


 Make some little ice cube boats by filling an ice cube tray with water, covering it with plastic wrap and then sticking toothpicks in through the plastic wrap (you don’t need to do this step as the toothpicks are for the tiny sails).  Attach little flags for aesthetics if you are using the toothpicks (you can make them more waterproof by wrapping them in packing tape.  These would be fun in a bath tub!

VARIATION: Don't use the toothpicks and sails and just add food colouring to the ice cubes to make colourful floating ice for your little ones.


You can find many free colouring pages online by using your favourite search engine and typing in “boat coloring pages” or print out my Sail Away Colouring Page

Q: Why do sailors like Thanksgiving?

A: Because they get to take their gravy boats out.

Q: Which vegetable hates going on a boat?

A: A leek!

Watch Some of these to learn more about bouyancy!

Q: What do you get when you cross a dentist and a boat?

A: A tooth ferry.



Search through your child’s DVD/ video collection (or visit your local library before hand) to find your child’s favourite shows about boats and bouyancy.

Boats and Bouyancy

Watch a boat race

Maybe cities are hosts to boating events.  See what is offered in your community and attend as a family.