Food Colouring:

Put a few drops of yellow food coloring (liquid) in jar of water – let your child stir and watch as the water turns yellow. If you have a white carnation put it in the yellow water and leave it for a few days the yellow will seep into the flower and make the edges yellow.

autumn TIME!



Toddler and Pre-School Theme Days

WHAT time of the year  or when do you see the most Yellow?


What Yellow THings did you find outside and inside your house?


Play “I Spy With My Little Eye” looking for only yellow things.


Coloured Blocks: with your child, sort through toy blocks to find only the yellow ones. Together, make towers with the yellow blocks.

Search through your child’s toys to find any that are yellow to play with.

Play with yellow play dough or modelling clay.



Search through your child’s DVD/ video collection (or visit your local library before hand) to find shows with red characters like Elmo or the Wiggles or with the theme of teaching colours.

Try this title for a perfect toddler show that highlights many colours:

· Baby Einstein: Baby Van Gogh – World of Colour



Materials: yellow squares of paper in a paper bag or a yellow crayon and a regular pen, glue stick, damp facecloth for sticky fingers, print out the  List of Yellow Things worksheet

Step 1: Explain to your child that you are on a hunt for the colour yellow.

Step 2: walk around the house and/ or outside to look for yellow things.

Step 3: When your child finds something yellow you will write the name of the object etc. on a slip of yellow paper and your child will glue the yellow square on the sheet (or colour the square with a yellow crayon).

Step 4: at the end of the hunt sit down and count out loud together how many yellow things were found.  Review what you found by reading the chart out loud.

The Colour Yellow

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