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Toddler and Pre-School Theme Days


Go online to your favourite search engine to find colouring pages of yellow things or favourite yellow characters or print out my Yellow Things Colouring Page Use yellow crayons and/or yellow markers to colour. 


The Colour Yellow

VAN GOGH's SUNFLOWERS offers beautiful yellow art (LONDON)


Materials:yellow crayons and markers, sheet of yellow craft paper, child-safe scissors, glue stick, stapler, a copy of my  Yellow Things Colouring Page, a facecloth for sticky fingers.

 Step 1: Sit with your child as your child draws his/her own yellow things for the booklet (six in total) or colours the pictures from the colouring page.
Step 2: Help your child cut out the individual pictures.

Step 3: Fold the sheet of yellow paper into three parts (as if you were going to put it in an envelope) and cut along the folds to make three yellow rectangles
Step 4: Fold each of these three yellow pieces of paper in half and cut along the fold to make six small sheets of paper.
Step 5: Have your child apply glue to each yellow picture and glue each one to a small sheet of yellow paper.
Step 6: Help your child staple the sheets together to make a little book.
Step 7: Read the book together to review the colour yellow.

VARIATION:  Make a mini booklet using pictures of yellow things your child has cut out from old magazines.


Materials: Yellow paper, old magazines, child-safe scissors, washable glue stick, damp facecloth for sticky fingers.

Step 1: Look through old magazines with your child and have him/her point out anything yellow he/she sees.

Step 2: Help your child cut out the yellow pictures from the magazine to make a pile of yellow pictures.

Step 3: Show your child how to glue the pictures onto the yellow piece of paper to make a collage and then let him/her glue the pictures on the paper however he/she likes.

· Step 4: When the collage is dry display (fridge, bulletin board, child’s door) or glue into your Family Theme Scrapbook.


Give your child some yellow paint (set out newspaper or a plastic sheet before hand and don’t forget to wear old shirts or art smocks) and let him/her be creative.