Waste Reduction Week hopes to motivate learning and behavior change.  Take the time to talk to your children about why we need to reduce our waste in the world.  Explain to them what a land fill is.  Teach them about different materials and which cannot be decomposed.  Look around your house and discuss what is recyclable, what is compostable, what goes to waste. Examine the way you shop and buy things and what they are packaged in. You may be surprised at what solutions your kids can offer.  Work together as a family to come up with strategies to make your home more Waste Free.

Waste Reduction Week/ Low Waste Lifestyle

It's a Beautiful World!

Let's Keep it that way!

Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada

When our local recycling program recently changed its collection policies I was upset. Most of the things I was "recycling" in our Blue Bag were not not accepted!  When I discovered the reason...they were no longer being shipped to China I was amazed. I had no idea that was what happened to our recycling.  This made me research more and opened my eyes! it has made me commit to drastically reducing our waste. It's a long process and we are a far way from a #ZeroWasteLife but we are trying.

Let's keep this Earth of ours looking beautiful for years to come!

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For 2019 this is a Mini-Theme Day. I hope to expand and add more with time!

Waste Reduction week is in held in October in Canada.  This year it runs October 21st to 27th October, 2019.

Check here for more information: https://wrwcanada.com/en