For something fun try this Turkey Song!

Thanksgiving is a North American celebration held in the beginning of October in Canada and at the end of November in the United States.  But even if you don’t live in a country that celebrates Thanksgiving, you can use this theme day to remind your children of what they have to be thankful for. 


Thanksgiving is celebrated at different times in Canada and the United States, and in other countries and cultures instead of Thanksgiving they have harvest celebrations. For instance, Jewish people celebrate Sukkot (an eight day festival of thanksgiving), in China they have a Moon festival, the Czech Republic have a harvest Celebration, in Barbados they have a Sugar Cane Festival, in Japan they celebrate Labor Thanksgiving Day, and in southern India they have a four-day rice festival called Pongal.  You may want to explore and learn about a different culture or countries tradition at this time of year for something different to see how different people around the world give thanks..



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I couldn’t think of much for this Theme Day but you could sing the Johnny Appleseed Grace song:

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