Search through your child’s DVD/ video collection (or visit your local library before hand) to find your child’s favourite shows about Thanksgiving or that take place during Thanksgiving.

Here are a few titles:

· A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
· Home Alone

Thanksgiving JOKES


Check here for the answer keys:

Key Easy Halloween Word Search                                                                 Key Difficult Space Word Search

Spirit of Christmas Box!

We use American Thanksgiving as a time to take our our Spirit of Christmas Box and read the notes from previous years.  Learn how to make your own box here: Spirit of Christmas Box.

Here are some examples of what we wrote on our spaces:

· It’s time to drive over for dinner. Move ahead 1 space.
· We made it! Knock on the door 3 times.
· You helped to set the table. Roll again.
· What’s your favourite thing to eat for Thanksgiving?
· Eat some turkey.  Pat your belly!
· You’re full!  Lose a turn.

Spend time together!

Do something together as a family outside. Go for a walk in the park or the woods. Go on a bike ride!  Enjoy the brisk autumn air and spending time together!

Make your own Thanksgiving Boardgame:

Materials: Coloured paper (two to three sheets), markers or crayons, glue stick, tape (optional), child safe scissors, a coin, (Optional) Thanksgiving stickers to decorate.

Step 1: Glue two or more sheets of paper side by side together to make a large game board.
Step 2: Either draw large squares or circles ahead of time on the board for each space or draw the shape after you’ve done the writing.  Write “start” on the first space and “finish” on the last space.  You could also cut out pumpkin shapes and glue them to the board for each space.
Step 3:Together with your child come up with different Thanksgiving related things to write on each space.  We included simple actions like clapping your hands, singing, thumbs up...and also standard board game instructions like roll again, miss a turn (although beware of temper tantrums If you have a competitive child), go ahead a space, go back 1 space, etc. 
Step 4: We also drew little pictures for each space that related to what was written.
Step 5: When the instructions for each space are finished tape the pages together along the glued seam to make the game board stronger. You could also laminate the whole board game as well.
Step 6: Draw some Thanksgiving related playing pieces (like a Turkey or a pie or family members or symbols for each family member...a hockey stick if someone plays hockey etc.) and cut them out to use when playing (or use Thanksgiving stickers on folded pieces of paper as we did).
Step 7: Play your game!  Flip a coin for each turn.  Heads—move one space.  Tails—move two spaces.

More Fun! 

Q: What`s the best thing to put in a pumpkin pie?

A: Your teeth.


Q:  What type of key cannot open doors?

A:  A turkey

Thankful Spot

Decorate a small corner on a bookshelf or a table and make it a "Thankful Spot" for your family.  Include Autumn flowers, scented candles, a jar to write down things you are thankful for. (WARNING: do not use candles around small children.  For bigger kids use it as a reminder of fire safety.



Q: Why didn`t the turkey eat anything for dinner?

A: because he was already stuffed.


You don't need to be American or Canadian to have a Thanksgiving DInner!  It doesn't need to be OCtober or November to have one either!  Plan your own gathering and invite friends and family.  Have everyone bring a dish that is special to them or their family or their culture.  Enjoy the meal, the company, and don't forget to take turns at the table telling everyone one thing you are thankful for!

Check here for the answer keys:

Key Easy Thanksgiving Word Search 1                             Key Easy Thanksgiving Word Search 2                                                Key Difficult Thanksgiving Word Search


Q: What type of music did the Pilgrims like?

A: Plymouth Rock

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You can find many free colouring pages online by using your favourite search engine and typing in Thanksgiving Coloring Pages or print out my “I Am Thankful” Coloring Page and then encourage your kids to draw their own additions.