Ingredients: a cheese string cut into thirds or a cube of cheddar cheese (or any type of hard cheese), a baby spinach leaf, a cherry tomato (or a grape or an olive), a toothpick.

 Step 1: Spear the cube of cheese onto the toothpick and push down a little to make room for the next two ingredients (this is the body of the hero).

Step 2: Next spear the spinach leaf on top of the cheese (this is the cape).

Step 3: Lastly, spear the cherry tomato/grape/olive on top of the spinach (this is the head).

Step 4: Now blast off the snack towards your mouth for a super healthy snack!


 Ingredients: a loaf of French bread (or similar large loaf of bread), various cheeses and lunch meats, one green pepper (thinly sliced), 1 tomato thinly sliced, thinly sliced cucumber, ½ cup of mayonnaise, 2 tbsp of honey mustard, 1 tsp of red wine vinegar, ½ tsp dried oregano. 

Step 1: Combine the mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar and oregano in a small bowl.

Step 2: Cut the bread in half lengthwise.

Step 3: Spread the mayonnaise mixture on both sides of the cut bread.

Step 4: Layer the different types of deli meats and cheeses and the vegetables on the bottom half of the bread.

Step 5: Put the top half of the bread on top  and cut diagonally to make many slices of the sandwich. 

NOTE: This makes a BIG sandwich (fit for a hero or two or three...) so you may want to only make half a sandwich if you are feeding little bellies or just a few people.


Let your child create the perfect sundae fit for a hungry hero by presenting him/her with various toppings like coloured sprinkles, M&M’s, nuts (if there are no allergies), chopped bananas and strawberries (or other favourite berries), and chocolate fudge or caramel sauce.





Make your favourite sugar cookie recipe or other plain cookies and then write some comic book words like POW! ZAP! BOOM! in icing.  You can buy little tubes of icing to use for this treat in teh baking section of your local grocery store. 

 NOTE: Feel free to add other favourite toppings like lettuce or pepperoncini pickles as well.





Make your burgers as usual but place a slice of cheese on top of the patty cut into the iconic diamond like shape of a certain comic hero  and then draw a letter “S” on top with ketchup to create a Super Logo for the burger.