Materials: Eye mask from a craft store or dollar store (if you cannot find one of these or simply don't want to spend the money you can always just use cardboard and cut out your own shaped mask or even use cloth for a more authentic  look), paints, white glue and sequins (optional), newspaper or plastic to cover your work area, art smock or old clothes to wear when painting, waxed paper for a paint pallet, paint brushes and an old can or yogurt pot for water.

Step 1: Once your child has decided on the colour of his/her superhero let your child color and decorate the mask in any creative way.

Step 2: Let the craft dry before wearing the mask.


These first three crafts are designed to help create a unique superhero.  For these two crafts have your child invent his/her own Superhero.  Use this "Top Secret" Printableto help your child create a new hero.  Your child must decide the following:  a) What is the hero’s name,  b) what is the hero’s super power, and  c) what is the hero’s super colour.


Try making these crafts during a Superhero Themed Birthday Party!


Materials: empty paper towel roll, white paper, markers, paints, brushes, waxed paper for pallet and to dry on, old clothes or art smock to paint in, newspaper or plastic to cover work area, child safe scissors, white glue. 

 Step 1: Have your child decide on what colours to use and what logo.  You can use the logo of an existing superhero or make up your own based on your child's own creation from the above crafts. 

Step 2: Cut a long the paper towel tube (height wise and then cut in pieces to create cuff size.  I made four cuffs with one paper towel tube.

Step 3: Have your child paint the paper towel tubes the colours of his/her superhero.  Set on Waxed paper to dry.

Step 4: Have your child draw or trace the superhero logo onto white paper and cut the image out. 

Step 5: When the paper towel tubes are dry use white glue to glue on image and let dry.  (NOTE: don't use too much glue...we did and it soaked through the white paper making the pictures drawn in marker fade a bit so we had to add more marker. 


 NOTE: For families with more than one school aged child make two or more ribbons.
Materials: red felt (from a craft store – or use paper), a cup, paper and markers, scissors (sharp ones for adults if you are using felt), white glue,  a safety pin, glitter glue or stickers (optional).

Step 1: Cut out a long rectangle in the red felt for the ribbon.

Step 2: Trace a cup on the rest of the felt using a marker and cut out a circle.

Step 3: Using the same cup (or a smaller one for a different effect) trace a circle on a piece of paper.

Step 4: Give your ribbon a title like “Family Hero” and write the title on the paper circle.

Step 5: Let your child decorate the circle however he/she likes (stickers, glitter...).

Step 6: Glue the white circle on the red felt circle and then glue that near the top of the long red rectangle.

Step 7: When the glue dries attach the safety pin to the back of the ribbon.

Step 8: When someone in your family does something heroic present him/her with the ribbon at the dinner table and let him/her wear it for the evening and keep it in his/her room until it is presented to someone else at another time.



If your child likes to draw encourage him/her to draw a picture of a made-up hero or even to draw his/her own comic book.  There are many different books about drawing superheroes.  You could even encourage your child to draw his/her own comic book.

My eldest son designed the worksheet to help him design his own superhero in more detail. 

Don't think you have time to make a superhero craft?  Try this one it's as easy as 1,2,3!



Materials: craft sticks (from craft stores), coloured paper, googly eyes, markers, white glue, child safe scissors.

 Step 1: 
Have your child pick the colours for his/her little hero.  Cut a Triangle out for the cape in one colour and a matching strip of paper for the mask (measure to make sure it fits the width of the craft stick).  Cut out a small triangle in a second colour for the logo.

Step 2: Have your child glue the cape to the craft stick along with the mask and triangle logo.  Glue the googly eyes on top of the mask.

Step 3:
Allow the glue to dry.   I always lay the crafts on waxed paper to dry.

Step 4:
Once it is dry have your child draw on hair and a mouth. Now the hero is ready for play!


Materials: garbage bag, OR an old towel or sheet or pillow case, OR cloth, s
afety pin (if you feel your child is old enough or else just use tape), paper, markers (OR special paints to draw on clothes), and tape.

 Step 1: Have your child design a logo for his/her superhero  on a piece of paper (or simply write the chosen name for them and have them decorate it).

Step 2: Tape the paper to the garbage bag (or if  you are using cloth your child could write right on the cape using specialty markers from a craft store).

Step 3: Using a safety pin or tape (you know your child) attach the cape over his/her shoulders and around the neck.

Step 4: Let your Super Child have fun in his/her costume!

Here's a non Super Hero Craft to encourage your kids to be kind!

 Discuss the different ways people can be heroic in everyday life.  A hero helps others; if someone in the family goes out of their way to be helpful to someone they deserve the ribbon.  A hero is brave; if someone in the family does something that required courage (for a shy child that could be giving an oral report at school or participating in a recital, or it could be something like walking away from a bully or helping someone who was being bullied) present them with a ribbon.  A hero is strong; if someone participates in a sporting event or tries something new like riding a bike present them with the ribbon.  A hero is intelligent; if your child brings home a good report card present them with a ribbon. The are many possibilities.



Don't think you have time to make a superhero craft?  Try this quick craft it's as easy as 1,2,3!

Materials: lollipop, googly eyes, white glue, scissors with a point (for parental use), craft felt or left over cloth

Step 1: Glue googly eyes to the lollipop.

Step 2: Cut out a cape from the felt and poke a hole through the top.  I cut a rectangle and then angel the sides leaving a flat top where I poked the hole using the point of the sharp scissors.

Step 3: insert the lollipop stick through the hole and shift the cape up. Let it dry and then, voila!  You have your own superhero lollipop!  

Top Secret File: a Printable so kids can make up their own superhero​

Stickers are always fun with preschoolers