Create Your own Photography Scavenger Hunt

Make bookmarks using splattered watercolour paint

Crafts for Summer:

The idea for the sidewalk paint was found on Pinterest and here: 

The idea for the Hot Rocks came from Pinterest as well and this link: Be careful though as these can burn. I’d recommend this for older kids only as we had a bit of trouble with this one.

This is where I found the idea for making paper umbrellas: 

I found Snail Hopscotch on Pinterest and on this link (plus there are other sidewalk chalk games if you are interested in more). No photo for this one as we never drew it from the jar that year:

The paper plate ring toss was another Pinterest find (no photo yet): 

The recycled can craft and game was inspired by this pin (no photo):

We found the idea for the Balloon Tennis here: 

For Yahtzee score cards, click here to print them: 

For instructions on how to play the Thimble Game check here (we used a juice cap because I couldn't find my thimble):

Summer Jar

5 things I love about you - write a list for every member of your family

create your own smoothie recipe

Decorate craft sticks or recycled popsicle sticks using markers and use them as bookmarks!

Terrariums - We finally made these as part of our Brazil Theme Day. We went to the Greenhouse to buy the plants and the charcoal. Here is a great link to tell you how to make your own:

Monster Bookmarks - These are easier than they first appear to be. I used the basic instructions for this craft here (but we didn't add patterned paper, we used the template as the craft itself but making three on different coloured papers):

Ice Cream Craft -

I loved this nature weaving project! found the idea here:

Star Jar - This didn't work out as nicely as I'd hoped. The stickers totally stuck to the jar/paint and were difficult to remove while maintaining their shape. perhaps I used the wrong paint? Anyway, I based the idea on this:

make chalk outlines and colour them in.

2018 Recipe Ideas...

- Who wants S'more recipe ideas?  How about some mini S'mores pies?

- Bananas and peanut butter will make your child want to try this Fake Sushi:

- 2 ingredient popsicles! We are going to try the Creamsicle ones!

- You don't need to be Canadian to enjoy Maple Popcorn!

- Frosted Lemonade sounds like a winner to me!

- A basic Root Beer Float or in Popsicle Form, these rock!
- If life gives you lemons...make Lemon Bars:

- How about a salty treat like Homemade Pretzels:

creative canvas: paint on a dollarstore canvas

read a kids cookbook, pick a recipe, find or write down the ingredients (shop if necessary) , and make the recipe.

2019 Craft photos yet!

GEOMETRY DASH TO OUR PAINT SUPPLIES…and create a colourful painting using painter’s tape on a piece of canvas. I can't find the original link using acrylic paint but here's one for watercolour:

MAGICAL ROCKS! For some “Far Out” Art we’ll paint some rocks white and then use water and nail polish, then we’ll watch the magic happen.

DON’T TOSS THAT TRASH!  I’ve saved a few Styrofoam trays and we can use those to create some printmaking art!

SCRAP THAT!  Oh, sorry I meant scrape that! Using paint we can create some beautiful cards to use as thank you or birthday cards in the future.

MAKE A WISH UPON A STAR! First, we better make those stars…out of paper, of course.

Outdoor Games for Summer:

You can learn how to play Skellzies here—(NOTE: the original link we used doesn’t work anymore but I found this one to replace it):

 Here are some instructions on how to play Ringers with marbles:

The idea for Sponge Bombs was found on Pinterest and I went to the link here. WE STILL NEED TO TRY THIS ONE: 

I found the idea for Simon Says using sidewalk chalk on Pinterest and here:

 The Angry Bird Sidewalk Chalk and Water Balloon game came from Pinterest and this link:

2017 Craft Ideas..

- Ladybug Rocks to brighten your garden: 
- Make a Marble Maze on a paper plate for some rolling fun:

- Fingerprint Art was a favourite of mine as a kid:

- Jumping Jellyfish this craft is cute:

- I adore this twig bouqet and it brightens my computer desk every day of the year: 

- We worked together to learn how to make Mandalas by watching You Tube! So beautiful. We liked them so much we made a chalk one, too: -

- We never got around to picking this one from the jar but it looks like fun. Sidewalk foam paint:

- Twig Stars are so pretty:

- a Nebula Jar for some far out fun:  

- Who doesn't like a fort? I really wanted to make this one but it was never drawn from the jar:

Bake cookies and read favourite picture books together

draw in a brand new sketch book

Summer Science:

The paper sundial idea also came from Pinterest and from this link —(NOTE: the original link we used doesn’t work anymore but I found this one to replace it): 

Solar Oven S’mores experiment - ​we found the idea on the following link but we had the wrong type of pizza box and had to improvise by using the graham cracker box as the oven part. The wind kept tipping it over so we needed to add rocks. We had the food outside for nearly two hours and only the chocolate melted! Still delicious! 

Homemade Lava Bottles: 

run through the sprinkler on a sunny day

Fish Craft - Here is the link for the craft instructions:

Make a Hot-Air Balloon Mobile! 

Surf Boards for your toys - I worried about using the foam board from the dollar store because the outer layer is paper and I thought they'd deteriorate fast. but they held out pretty well. here is the link where the original idea and templates for the boards came from:

Crumpled Paper Art: It is better to use firmer paper for this craft. We had to do it twice. I found the idea for this easy project here: 

go on a bike ride

The waxed paper Stained glass requires wax paper and sharpies. The link for this Pinterest picture didn’t give instructions only the Pinterest box did so I shall include that link only:

We’ve made funny faces as crafts many times before.  This link adds the idea of including pre-drawn heads:

Here's a link for some directions on how to make more suncatchers:

Here's a melted crayon silhouette craft we still need to try. The link for the craft follows (but you can find templates by googling “sun silhouettes”) SORRY NO PHOTO WE NEVER MADE THIS ONE:

Raid the fridge and create some funny face sandwiches for lunch

Here are some of my own ideas that you might want to choose to add to your Family's Summer Jar:

2017 Recipe Ideas...

- Here’s a recipe for Popsicle flavoured lemonade:
- Mango Popsicles, anyone?
- Try to make homemade fruit gummies:
- Disneyland inspired Dole Whip: 

 -No bake cookies are perfect for fun in the kitchen on a hot day:

- Homemade Coconut Ice Cream without an ice-cream machine: We still need to try this one!

- S'more Snack Mix anyone? 

2018 Craft Ideas...

- Here's a fun fish craft:

- Beat the heat with a Pocket Fan:

- Sidewalk Paint makes for some great outdoor art (WE NEVER MADE THIS YET):
- Make a Pom Pom Catapult for some high flying fun:

- Marbled Art with Milk? That's sounds too weird not to try (WE NEVER MADE THIS ONE):

- Pudding Slime Time:
- Watermelon Suncatchers to celebrate Watermelon Day in August:  (I can't seem to attach the link for some reason...check my Pinterest Board for a link that works:
- Fingerprint Monsters are always fun to make:
- Easy Pointillism for your little artists:

play board games

make your own ice cream sundae bar

I find a lot of Summer Jar ideas on Pinterest!  Check out my Summer Board!

Here are some links to ideas I used in our Summer Jars...

Coming Soon to 2019 Summer Jar:

Superhero Drawings, Zentangle Bookmark, Hot Air Ballon Oil Pastels, peanut butter cookies

This Pinterest Pin inspired our Ice Cream craft: 

I have seen the Flip Flop Craft all over Pinterest.  Here’s one site that has instructions:

I found the initial idea for the shadow drawing on Pinterest.  The link only has a photo so we made up the rest of the craft idea:

There are many watermelon crafts.  Here's one we still need to make:

Suggestions to fill your jar with...

Here’s the recipe for Cookies and Cream Popsicles we still need to make: 

These are the no-bake cookie bars we made:

Chunky Monkey Popsciles for a treat:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Popcorn:

plan a picnic, buy the food, pack it and eat it at a park

Make a Backyard Fort

Recycle a box and turn it into a house for toys!

Recipes Perfect for Summer:

Use up those plastic bags over and over (wash and reuse) and learn how to make ice cream in a bag here - (NOTE: the original link we used doesn’t work anymore but I found this science one to replace it...):

This is the lemonade recipe we used: 

For more lemonade ideas check this out: and For some fun flavour ideas check here:

 The sun sandwich came from here: 

 I found the watermelon cookie recipe here:

I found the instructions for making Frozen Yogurt Dots here: 

Make a Monster Bean Bag Toss with cardboard, paint and old socks filled with rice as bean bags.

Go on a family walk - perhaps to a park or for an ice-cream stop

Make a board game. Tape together paper and write funny things to do on little circles that you glue to the page (like sing a song, move ahead 2, hop up and down). Flip a coin: heads moves 1, tails 2 spaces. 

 2019 Science Ideas...

FIRE AND WATER DO MIX!  It’s science time!  Time to see if we can get a candle to burn underwater!

2019 Recipe photos yet!

A TROPICAL TASTE FOR HAWAII…let’s mix up our lemonade game by making a tropical drink.

It’s time to make a Pickle Pizza for lunch!  Yes, that is a real thing!

Head to the kitchen to create a special dessert called Sour Orange Pie!

homemade Kettle Corn!

Make yourself a chocolate milkshake, grab your book, sit outside and sip and read!

let’s try some science in the kitchen as we make our own butter!

let’s make some plant-based milk.

Draw a face and dot some watercolour paint with lots of water above the head. Use a paper or res-usable straw to blow the watercolour and create hair.

create your own obstacle course and try to beat your own record

Make a Summer Playlist!  This is great for Road Trips!

write a letter to a far-away relative and decorate the paper.

start a puzzle and work on it all summer long

Invent and participate in your own Triathlon Event

Here’s were I found the popsicle art craft: 

Here is the Pinterest Pic that inspired our sun pictures:

The woven sun craft instructions were found here:

Paint rocks for your garden or balcony

Draw some waves and fill them in with zentangle designs!

Brighten someones day by painting rocks with happy faces.

wash the car

Play 5 goal soccer: keep trying to score until you get 5 goals and then switch places

Find a famous artist and copy his/her style