Here are some more Star Activities to make this Theme Day out of this world! 


Visit a local observatory, planetarium, or science museum that features exhibits on the stars.  

Q:  Why doesn’t the Dog Star laugh at jokes?

A:  Because

it’s too Sirius. 

Photo: Microsoft Clipart


You can find many free colouring pages online by using your favourite search engine and typing in “Stars and Constellations Coloring pages “or print out my Wish Upon a Star Colouriing Page. 

You could also print out my Large Star Template or the Many Stars Template and use them as colouring pages.

Telus World of Science Edmonton

Q: Why was the star arrested?

A: It was

a shooting star. 


Check out these websites for an introduction to Star Gazing with your kids!

Stars and Constellations

Take a family drive at night when it’s really dark outside and search for a spot to star gaze.


Look at the stars from your own backyard or while taking a walk as a family at night (be sure to wear reflective clothing). 

Outdoor Activities: 


For fun!


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Photo: Microsoft Clipart

If it is Astronomy Day (Check here for the next date) see what local activities are planned around your area. 


Search through your child’s DVD/ video collection (or visit your local library before hand) to find your child’s favourite shows about the stars.
Try to find these fun learning titles at your local library:

The Magic School Bus: Super Star Power or The Magic School Bus: Sees Stars, Scholastic, 2012 -  Both of these DVD's contain the episode entitled "sees Stars"

For more non fiction learning reserve this from the library:

Invisible Universe Revealed, Pangloss Films PBS Distribution, 2015 

For a movie about a star in human form try this movie: