NOTE: Some people in Germany and the Ukraine hang a spider ornament on their Christmas trees, following the legend of “The Silver Spider” which is where the tradition of hanging tinsel came from.  Read a summary of the story here:   These Glittery webs would make fun Christmas ornaments!

Craft Stick Web made with yarn


Materials: paper, black paint, paint brushes, black marker, ruler, white paint, art smock or old clothes to wear when painting, plastic or newspaper to cover the work area, wax paper to put paint on.

Step 1: Have your child draw lines with the black marker.  Draw them diagonally from the corner of the sheet of paper using the ruler to make the lines straight. Show them how to link the lines with little curves to make the long lines look like a spider web (see picture).

Step 2:  Next, have your child make fingerprints of black paint on the web in various points to be the spiders.

Step 3: Let them dry.

Step 4: Once dry your child can add tiny dabs of white paint for the eyes.  Let these dry.

Step 5: Once the eyes are dry your child can now add tiny black dots as pupils and then eight legs onto each spider.


 Materials: Craft stick or recycled Popsicle sticks, white glue, waxed paper, yarn (white would be best but we only had black) or floss (thought of this afterwards) or glow in the dark loom elastics, (Optional) clear thread to hang the craft. 

Step 1: Glue three craft sticks together in the middle to create the base of the web.  Let these rest on waxed paper to dry.

Step 2: Once dry tie some yarn to the middle of the craft stick and then weave around (above one stick and under the other) to create a web design.  OR attach glue in the dark loom elastics for a cool effect that doesn’t look like much when the lights are on but is pretty awesome when the lights are off.

Step 3: You can hang these from the ceiling  or off a tree in your yard to create Halloween decorations!


Craft Stick Web made with glowing loom elastics

This was another Pinterest find.  I won’t even try to write my own instructions just click on the link to follow them.  It was a bit of a challenge to make but it fit so nicely with the Theme Day I just had to include it.  You will see that I didn’t have much patience when cutting so my webs are more tangled in appearance than the ones on the original site.  Makes it more Halloweeny right?   Here’s the link:


 NOTE: I had already planned on making handprint spiders for this Theme Day but when I saw the addition of the marble painting here I thought we’d include that, too:

Materials: paper, black paint, paint brushes, black marker, ruler, white paint, art smock or old clothes to wear when painting, plastic or newspaper to cover the work area, wax paper to put paint on, cleaned out coffee container or oatmeal container (must be a cylinder for this to work) for larger sheets of paper, a marble, white paint, googly eyes, white glue.

Step 1: Help your child by painting thickly onto his/her hand and then gently place the hand on a sheet of paper to create a painted handprint.  Remove the hand slowly and then add more paint.  Turn the handprint around and add another layer but this time with the fingers on the other side.  This will create eight spider legs.

Step 2: Let the paint dry and then cut out the spider handprint leaving out the thumbs.

Step 3:  Put a black sheet of paper into the coffee tin or oatmeal container and then dip a marble into white paint, coating all sides.  Drop the marble into the container and put the lid back on.  Now let your child roll the marble around by shaking and turning the container.

Step 4: Carefully open the container and remove the paper to see white lines streaked across the black paper that are web like!

Step 5: Glue the dried and cut out spider to the dried sheet web and then add googly eyes with white glue. 


Materials: Black paper, white glue, chalk, a copy of my Spider Template, child safe scissors, pencil.

Step 1: Help your child cut out the spider in the Template and have him/her trace around the cut out spider with pencil onto the black paper.

Step 2: Have your child “draw” the spider with white glue. By filling in the outline

Step 3: Let the spider dry (it took over a day for ours to dry)

Step 4: Use chalk to draw colours onto the black paper and then white chalk to draw the web. 

Step 5: Carefully wipe away any chalk on the spider...the chalk will not stick to the dried glue which leaves a nice black spider on the picture. Display or glue into your family Theme Day Scrapbook.

NOTE: I found this idea on Pinterest and thought it was so colourful we just had to include it.  Here is the original link



Materials: use your imagination for this one...little clay pots, cleaned tin cans, paper soap boxes, juice lids, tissue boxes... black paint, paint brushes, waxed paper ( to use as a pallet and to let crafts dry on). pipe cleaners, black paper, white glue and glue stick, clear tape, art smock or old clothes to wear when painting, plastic table cloth or newspaper to over work table.

Step 1: Let your children decide what they will use to create their spiders and that will decide how many spiders will be created, or choose for them with what you have on hand.

Step 2: The first part is to paint the recycled object black and then have it dry on the waxed paper so that the next steps can follow.

Step 3: Depending on what the body is made of will depend on how the legs are made.  Pipe cleaner legs can be poked through paper bodies after a simple pin prick to make a hole, paper legs can be glued or taped to other objects as well.

Step 4: Glue on the googly eyes with white glue.  We choose only 2 eyes per spider to make them cute not scary!

Step 5: Let them dry and then they are ready to decorate your house.

We liked the look of the web taped outside near our front door, and used the Spider Colouring Template to make a bright orange paper spider.


Materials: a printout of my Spider Template Printable, paper, black paint, sponge, (exacto knife for parent use only and a cutting board), art smock or old clothes to wear when painting, wax paper or pallet for the paint.

Step 1: (Adult step) carefully lay the spider template on a cutting board and using the craft knife (exacto knife) cut out the spider image. Now it is a stencil.

Step 2: Have your child choose the colour of paper to use and then help by holding the stencil on top of the paper. 

Step 3: Have your child dip the sponge into some black paint (on the waxed paper or pallet) and then gently dab the cut out part with paint.  Carefully remove the paper stencil by lifting slowly to reveal the spider shape!



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Materials: miniature pumpkins, black paint, paint brush, waxed paper, pipe cleaners, a pin (for parental use), googly craft eyes, white glue.

Step 1: Rest the pumpkins on the waxed paper and have your child paint them black. It doesn't matter if the undersides isn't completely black. Let them dry on the waxed paper. 

Step 2: When the pumpkins are dry poke eight holes in the pumpkin and help your child insert the pipe cleaners to make them into legs. 

Step 3:  Have your child glue the craft eyes to the pumpkins and let them dry.  Then it is ready for your Halloween display!


NOTE : These  would make fun party favors or treats to hand out in the classroom or on Halloween night. 

Materials: Lollipops (not the flat ones), googly eyes, white glue, pipe cleaners.
Step 1: Hold four pipe cleaners together and then wrap them around the lollipop near the candy.  Twist them so that there are four legs on each side of the lollipop. Spread the legs and bend them so they look realistic.

Step 2: Glue two googly eyes onto the twisted part of the pipe cleaners this is the thorax part of the spider). Let them dry before handing out. 


Materials: paper, paper cupcake liners, markers, white glue, googly eyes (or draw your own and glue them on), glue stick.

Step 1: Have your child glue the cupcake liners to a piece of paper (use one cupcake liner per spider).

Step 2: Next glue on 8 googly eyes per spider for more realistic spiders or else just two (for a cuter spider).

Step 3: Draw eight legs onto the sides of each spider and other embellishments like webs or decorations if desired. 

Materials: White glue, glitter (any colour), waxed paper, (Optional) a pencil, (Optional) clear thread.

Step 1: For younger kids draw a spider web onto the waxed paper with the pencil (the pencil will leave a light marking which your child can use as a template).
Step 2: Have your child carefully draw the web with the white glue (smaller children may have difficulty with this step).
Step 3:  Let your child sprinkle the glitter onto the glue!  This is the fun part!
Step 4: Let the glue dry over night.
Step 5: Once dry you can carefully peel the web away from the waxed paper and then tie some clear thread to the craft to hang them as decorations inside or outside.