This site has lots of info and photos of spider:

For more facts about spiders check here:

For types of spiders and spider facts try this site:

To learn about the Black Widow Spider check this page on the National geographic site:

For a spider puzzle check here:

To learn more about spiders of North America check here:

For information about the spiders of Australia try this site:

For information about the spiders of Australia try this site:

A big thank you to Elliot from Pennsylvania who recommended this link about spiders in your backyard when he was working on a project for his school's bug club!

 If your child has an interest in the different types of spiders.  Try my Spider Species: Facts About Spiders Worksheet for extended learning.

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Use a copy of my Spider  Colouring Template and label the parts of a spider.  You can find the answers online or by reading library books.  You may also want to draw some more details.



Print out a copy of my Facts About Spiders Chart and together as a family fill in the chart with interesting facts you found when reading and learning about spiders during this Theme Day. 

For more information about spiders look here...

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