Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice


The Italian Renaissance:

The Italian Renaissance was a period in the Italian history that covered the 15th and 16th centuries and spread throughout Europe. Renaissance means “rebirth” and it refers to a period in history that was marked by a revival of Classical learning and wisdom. It began in the Tuscany region of Italy (Central Italy) and was centered in Florence.

There were many achievements in art (painting and sculpture), architecture, literature, music, science and technology, philosophy and exploration.

One of the best known contributors is perhaps Leonardo Da Vinci who is known for drawing, painting, sculpting, architecture, and engineering (he sketched many inventions)..

Be Inspired: by Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo was born in April of 1452 and died May 2nd, 1519. He was a polymath which is a person who has wide-ranging knowledge or learning.  Use this chart to record notes on a few of his achievements (those you find the most interesting or that you like the most):

All About Leonardo da Vinci Learning Chart.

Now be inspired to think up your own ideas. Use this Printable to draw a plan for a cool invention, painting, or building you wish you could create: Your Own Renaissance Idea.


For lots of information about Italy tourism check out this site:

This site is geared toward kids:

St. Peter's Square

in the

Vatican City


Print out my Fun Facts About Italy Worksheet and together as a family fill in the squares with interesting facts you learn while you read and research about Italy and Italian Culture.

Lake Como

cinque Terre


The official language of Italy is Italian.  Print out a copy of the Common Italian Words Printable and for more Italian fun print out Common Italian Phrases.

I apologize for any errors.I based my knowledge off off Italian phrase books I have and info online.

I found my information here:


Print out a copy of myItalian Flag Colouring Pageand colour it in. The flag is green, white and red.

Trevi Fountain in rome


Learning Activities

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Print out a copy of my Geography of Italy Printable and have your kids colour it.  Then together as a family search an atlas or online for the capital city of Italy.  Find the names of all the bodies of water surrounding Italy as well.  Can you name the two large Italian Islands featured on the colouring page?

Print out a copy of the Geography of Europe/Italy Printable. Have your kids colour the map and then work together as a family to name the countries that surround Italy.

Please excuse any anomalies in the shape of these maps, they were hand drawn and are hence certainly not perfect.


Venice, the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region, is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It has no roads, just canals!