Q: What kind of injury do ghost usually get?

A: Boo Boos


Q:  What do skeletons say before they eat dinner?

A:  Bone appétit!

You can find many free colouring pages online by using your favourite search engine and typing in “Halloween colouring pages” or print out my "Happy Halloween" Printable Colouring Page.

Q: What is a vampire’s favourite type of dog?

A: A Blood Hound

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Check here for the answer keys:

Key Easy Halloween Word Search                                                             Key Difficult Halloween Word Search


Q: What do you call a witch who lives at the beach?

A: A sand-witch

Q: Who did the monster take to the dance?

A: His ghoul friend.

Here are some examples of what we wrote on our spaces:
· You see a haunted house! Scream!
· Say “BOO!” 5 times.
· Make a funny jack-o- lantern face.
· Someone gives you 2 treats! Roll again.
· What’s your favourite Halloween monster?
· Fly ahead on your broomstick 2 spaces.
· This house has run out of candy. Go back one space.

Make your own Halloween Board Game:

Materials: Coloured paper (2 to 3 sheets), markers or crayons, glue stick, tape (optional), child safe scissors, a coin, (Optional) Halloween stickers to decorate.

Step 1:Glue two or more sheets of paper side by side together to make a large game board (we used three).
Step 2: Either draw large squares or circles ahead of time on the board for each space or draw the shape after you’ve done the writing.  Write “start” on the first space and “finish” on the last space.  You could also cut out pumpkin or ghost shapes and glue them to the board for each space.
Step 3:Together with your child come up with different Halloween related things to write on each space.  We included simple actions like clapping your hands, singing, thumbs up...and also standard board game instructions like roll again, miss a turn (although beware of temper tantrums If you have a competitive child), go ahead a space, go back 1 space, etc. 
Step 4: We also drew little pictures for each space that related to what was written.
Step 5: When the instructions for each space are finished tape the pages together along the glued seam to make the game board stronger. You could also laminate the whole board game as well.
Step 6: Draw some Halloween related playing pieces (like a Jack-o-lantern or a ghost) and cut them out to use when playing (or use Halloween stickers on folded pieces of paper as we did).
Step 7: Play your game!  Flip a coin for each turn.  Heads—move one space.  Tails—move two spaces.

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Q: How do you fix a broken jack-o-lantern.

A: with a pumpkin patch


Ghost in the Graveyard Game

I loved playing this game when I was a little girl!

Pick a designated area (like a backyard), pick a home base, and have one person as the ghost.  The rest of the players close their eyes and count to midnight while the ghost hides.  The players yell “Red light, green light , we’re off to find a ghost tonight“ and set off searching for the person who is the ghost.   When the ghost is found you yell “Ghost in the graveyard! Run run run! “ and everyone must run back to home base.  If you are tagged you become the ghost.




Search through your child’s DVD/ video collection (or visit your local library before hand) to find your child’s favourite shows with a Halloween theme .

For young children try these titles:

· Dora the Explorer’s Halloween
· Franklin’s Halloween
· It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
· Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

Older kids might enjoy these titles:

· The Nightmare Before Christmas
· Any Scooby Doo

Q: What’s the best dessert to eat on Halloween?

A: Ice- Scream!