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Check here for a list of the top 100 Christmas Carols:

If your family celebrates Christmas use this Theme Day as a fun way of preparing for the big day.  It  also works well during school holidays to combat boredom.  If your family does not celebrate Christmas you can still do some of the activities for the Theme Day but you could focus on learning about other cultures as a way to promote understanding.


Print out the Family Theme Day Planner and decide which activities you’d like to do.

There are many Christmas carols sung around the world.  Listen to some family favourites on this Theme Day. 

Check this site for the origins of many Christmas carols including their lyrics:

This site has the lyrics for many carols and plays the tune as well:

Here are three beautiful Christmas Carols with the word "Christmas" in the title!

Photo: C. Wright


Christmas is the Christian celebration centered on the birth of Christ.  You can keep Christ in Christmas by teaching your children to focus on giving instead of receiving.  Use the crafts found in this Theme Day Plan as gifts to reinforce this idea.  Also, our Spirit of Christmas box highlights the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is also a day rooted in different traditions around the world.  Many traditions involve Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas and it is interesting to see how different countries have their own stories about the generous man called Father Christmas.