Photo: T. Georgii

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Rainforest Facts:

Print out a copy of my Rainforest Facts Worksheet and together as a family fill in the chart.  What interesting things did you learn about each layer of the rainforest as you read about them?


As your family reads about Brazil write out some interesting facts you learn about this country on this Printable Worksheet: Facts About Brazil


Print out a copy of my Basic Geography of Brazil Worksheet and have your child colour it.  Then together as a family search an atlas or online for the capital city of Brazil.  what is the  name of the river I have drawn at the top of Brazil?  Can you find out where Rio de Janeiro is?    Have your child write the answers  on the worksheet. We also wrote the name of the ocean along the coast of Brazil.

Print out a copy of my Basic Geography South America/Brazil Worksheet.  Have your child colour the map and then work together as a family to name the countries that surround Brazil.

Please excuse any anomalies in the shape of these maps, they were hand drawn and are hence certainly not perfect.

Photo: T. Georgii

Monkey Flower


For lots of information about Brazil including tourism, politics, culture, sports etc., check out this site:

For more information on the many tribes of Brazilian Indians check here:

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The official language of Brazil is Portuguese.  Print out my Common Portuguese Words for Brazil Printable and try to say some everyday phrases in Portuguese.

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I found my information here:

Iguazu Falls (also known as Iguassu or Iguaçu Falls)


Rainforest Layers:

Print out a copy of my Layers of the Rainforest Colouring Page.  Have your child colour the forest and then label the Layers of a Rainforest in the appropriate spot based on the books you’ve read as a family or information you’ve researched online.  Here are the layers to label: Emergent Trees , the canopy, understory, forest floor.


Terrarium/ Mini Rainforest:

Here are a few links with how to make your own mini rainforest.  We made both a rainforest and a dessert setting.  I couldn’t find the charcoal at our local pet store but an employee there told me to reactivate the charcoal in an old water filter (like Britta) by boiling it in the filter and then to break it open.  We will get our plants from a local greenhouse.

NOTE: This is one of the projects in our 2016 Summer Jar .

Photo: T. Georgii

Photo: T. Georgii

To learn more about this cool martial art/dance/game read this book: Capoeira, by George ancona, lee & Low Books, 2007 . 


Print out a copy of my Flag of Brazil Colouring Page and have your child colour it the appropriate colours. 

This became the national flag on November 19, 1889, replacing the flag of the Empire of Brazil which had similar colours .  For more information on the flag check here:

NOTE: The national motto is printed on the flag: “ORDEM E PROGRESSO” which means “ORDER AND PROGRESS” in Portuguese.

Sugarloaf Mountain
Peak in Rio de Janeiro

Beautiful Birds of the rainforest



Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art developed in the 16th century that combines acrobatics and dance, and is usually referred to as a game.

The rainforest grows many medicinal plants (37% of all the medicines used in the USA in fact)!  

Photo: T. Georgii

Rainforests cover almost 60% of the entire area of Brazil