Step 1: Explain to your child what an echo is – a sound that bounces off an object and returns to you.  The closer you are to the object the faster the echo.  The farther away you are from the object the slower the sound returns.
Step 2: Blindfold your child (you know whether or note your child will like this.  If you have a small child who does not want to be blindfolded simply use this as a science experiment and not a game). Have your child sit in a chair and hum.
Step 3: Place a cookie sheet in front of your child while he/she hums.  Can he/she hear the echo?
Step 4: Now comes the game.  Place the cookie sheet further away from your child and have him/her raise his/her hand when they think the cookie sheet is near his/her face.




Print out my All About Bats Worksheet and together as a family as you read about bats from your library books fill in the spaces about the various species of bats.

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A big thank you to Shelley from the New Orleans Rose Society who holds weekly seminars to teach kids about the importance of conserving nature etc. whose kids recommended we add this article about bats on our site:


Here is a link to some quick answers kids may have about bats:

For more facts about bats check here:

For a videos about bats check this link:

For more bat ideas and facts try this page:

If you’re really batty for bats you can donate to help conserve them:  or you can adopt a bat:

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Here's a recommendation:


Visit your local science of natural history museum and see what you can learn about bats or visit a local park if bats are common in your area!


For an easy learning activity to work on together as a family Print out my Bats: Fun Facts Worksheet and as you read about bats  take turns writing interesting facts about bats on the sheet.


NOTE: Echolocation is what bats use to locate and identify objects in the dark. It is a type of sonar.  Check here for more info: